Varunan Sea Serpent is a species of the non-sentient gigantic carnivorous marine amphibious reptile-like creatures from the Cosmic Ocean of Varuna.

Varunan Sea Serpent
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Fifth Age
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Not known much about them, but the Daagons trained them and using them as mounted animals while the Kraang that captured them to guarding their undersea base.


The Varunan Sea Serpent is huge and with powerful fins that makes them swim very fast. They have a very long neck that is used like the Plesiosaur and their jaws was filled with very sharp teeth that bite very hard.


  • They are marine amphibious reptiles.
  • The name of them never been mentioned in the series.
  • The creature also resembles to the Loch Ness Monster.
  • It's real name never being revealed yet.