Triceratons are a race of anthropomorphic triceratops-like aliens. They're the one of the main antagonists during the venture in space of the Turtles. 

Some attributes
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Second Unknown
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Other attributes
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Fifth Age
Sixth Unknown


They are the honorable and proudful warriors and have a dislike in such thing as lie.


  • Emperor Zanramon
  • General Zera
  • Commander Mozar
  • Zorin
  • Lietuenant Zorg
  • Sergent Zark
  • Agent Zog
  • Triceraton Soldiers
  • Triceraton Scientists
  • Zeno the Undefeatable


  • Like the Kraang, they can breath the air on Earth directly but oxygen also driving them insane.
  • Their government is an Empire.
  • They hate the Kraang for destroyed their homeworld.
  • They live on a Mobile Homeworld.
  • They hate lies and dishonest things.
  • They're hating the mutation and the pollution.
  • Many of them have their names start with Z.