Traag is a gigantic creature that is made out of rock from Dimension X.

Some attributes
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Second Unknown
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Other attributes
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Fifth Age
Sixth Many millennia


Traag is a non-sentient creature that was trianed by the Kraang to do as what they ordered.


Traag is the 20 ft. tall giant non-sentient living rock.


Traag can shoot lava out of his mouth, which Raphael calls "lava barf". Traag is also incredibly large and strong. His rock skin is highly resistant to blows and weapons. He was able to survive a large explosion at a point blank range. Even if an attack is strong enough to damage him, Traag can literally pull himself together in order to rebuild itself and keep fighting. Traag has not spoken in the show as of yet but instead roaring monstrously. It seems he and Leatherhead have a history as the gator seemed to recognize the rock monster, calling him angrily by name. That means he know how tough Traag is.


  • Leatherhead has fought with him before.
  • He might died if he falls into the water.
  • His partner is Granitor.
  • The duty of this creature is to be Kraang's bases' guard dog.