Takeshi or better known as Tiger Claw is the current second-in-command and a member of the Foot Clan

Tiger Claw
I will slice you to two pieces!
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As befits a tiger, Tiger Claw is aggressive and ferocious, as well as vengeful. And like the best of assassins he is relentless and cruel. Brutality is second nature to him. But he respects the other warriors like Rahzar.


Tiger Claw was mutated by the Kraang as a young Japanese boy and then grew up as a circus performer, which was prior to him becoming a part of the criminal underworld. He is the Shredder's most dreaded assassin and bounty hunter from Japan. Tiger Claw has lost his tail during a duel, and he has been relentlessly searching for the person who took it from him, and no doubt seeking to terminate that person and when he does terminate that person, it will probably be in a very gruesome way.


  • He is master of all weapons and and collects them from most of the warriors that he defeats in mortal combat.
  • Xever teases Rahzar because Tiger Claw is a cat and Rahzar is a dog
  • He wants to eat Fishface due to him being a fish.
  • He is a master in many forms of ninjutsu including Kayakujutsu.
  • He once had a partner name Alopex, who was his own sister.
  • First, he lost his tail and then, his right arm. And the one who chopped them was the same person, Alopex.
  • Fishface mentions how he was mutated back in the country he grew up in, this may indicate that the Kraang have multiple bases in other countries as well as New-York City.
    • This would be mean that the Kraang are operating in Japan as well.
  • He is Shredder's only henchmen that manage to escape after the Turtles broke in to take revenge on Shredder.
  • After he escaped, he dedicated into rebuild the Foot Clan and bring back Shredder.