The Foot Clan is an ninja organization that led by the Shredder. 

The Foot Clan
The Foot Clan
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They have unflinching loyalty to the Shredder and the other commanders and follow their orders without question. After they allied themselves with the Kraang, the humans ninjas of Foot Clan were replaced by the ninja robots of the Kraang.


For Shredder's faction, their suits are red and black with a foot logo in the front of their tunic. Their eyes are covered with red lenses. For Karai's faction, their suits entirely red similar to of the Hamato Clan's.


They are very skilled ninjas and have been shown to be proficient with several ninja weapons including Katana, Tantoe, and Naginata.


  • Shredder's faction
  • Karai's faction


Shredder's factionEdit

Karai's factionEdit

  • Karai (Leader)
  • Shinigami
  • Human Foot Ninjas


  • They all never be questioned to their commanders.
  • They are not easy to be fooled.
  • They never seen to speak to anyone or anything.
  • The clan was founded 1500 years ago by Koga Tazuka.
  • Most of them are robots ever since they allied with the Kraang.
  • Despite the personal hatred of Shredder, the hatred of the Foot Clan towards the Hamato Clan is still being mystery.
  • It still remains unknown about what happened to the human troops after they got replaced by the robots.
  • The clan now has two factions, Shredder's faction and Karai's faction.
    • Shredder's faction is an enemy of the Hamato Clan.
    • Karai's faction is an ally of the Hamato Clan.
  • Under Karai's leadership, the clan might be an ally now ever since Shredder's faction is defeated.