Squirrelanoids are the mutated brown squirrels that lives in the sewers in New York City.

Some attributes
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Other attributes
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Fifth Age
Sixth Unknown


Not much known about them, only know that they're like eating popcorn and hunting everyone that come into the sewers.


The Squirrelanoids have red skeleton like skin with glowing green eyes and mouth. They have secondary mouths in their jaws. Their brains can be seen in the back of their heads.


  • Their appearance is a parody from the Xenomorphs in the Aliens films.
  • They were brown squirrels.
  • They are breeding by hijacked into the other stomachs and let them vomit them out.
  • Their current forms of them have Raph's DNA mixed in.
  • They all somehow resemble to Rahzar.
  • Their brains are green. (In fact, it's just color of its water.)
  • It's still unknown what happened to them after the Kraang invasion at New York.