Vic or now is Spider Bytez is an enemy of the Turtles.

Vic/Spider Bytez
Spider Bytez
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As VicEdit

He was originally a human named Vic. He was a cranky man who was very mean and rude to the turtles. He insulted Raphael, and got Raph very angry. He likes to call the turtles the "Kung-Fu Frogs". Vic became an enemy of the turtles in the episode Turtle Temper when he caught the Turtles fighting The Kraang on video. He wants to keep the video because he could make big money off of it, but the turtles need to get it back so that their existence won't be known. After getting caught up in the middle of a battle between the turtles and the Kraang, Vic climbs into the Kraang's van and Raph follows him, trying to get the video back and to get Vic out of the van. Vic doesn't listen, and The Kraang get away with him and bring him to their lair. Leo then tells Raph he cannot continue the mission with them because of his temper and how he let Vic and the Kraang get away. Raph then goes back to the lair. Meanwhile, The Kraang have Vic tied up to a chair and Vic, still thinking the Kraang are really humans, keeps trying to sell the video to them. The turtles then show up to save Vic and get the video back, but Vic doesn't listen to them and refuses to go with them. He blows their cover and the Kraang go after the turtles. Vic attemps to get his phone while still being tied up but he falls onto the floor where a Spider is crawling onto his hand. A laser beam from one of the Kraang's laser guns hit one of the tubes of Mutagen above Vic, it breaks and the Mutagen spills all over him just as the spider bites his hand. A Kraang sends another Kraang to see what has happened, and the Kraang gets thrown across the room by the now mutant Spider Bytez.

As Spider BytezEdit

After the mutation, he had become a giant spider-like creature with four spider legs on his head


After got mutated, he can spit acid, shooting web out of butt and can crawl around with four spider legs on head.


  • He has Mutagen Ooze in the claws on the appendages on his head.
  • He is terrible at science.
    • He's mistaking Turtles to Frogs.