Victor Frankenstein or also known as Sparky is a student of Monster High in 1814 and grandfather of Frankie. He is the one who created Frankie's parents. 

Victor Frankenstein/Sparky
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth {
Fifth Age
Sixth 16 (When he meets his granddaughter.)


Nothing much about him. He is just being so easy to be impressed by anything about science.


He's wear the scientist coat and has a triangle monocle on his right eye.


Frankie's parentsEdit

It is vastly unknown about the relationships of them. Except he is their creators.

Frankie SteinEdit

When he's know about Frankie is his granddaughter. He is very pround in himself.

The KraangEdit

The Kraang had a "trade" with him. In order to exchange about the fresh mutagen that the Kraang "milked" from the Kraathatrogon, he must perfected the mutagen for the Kraang.


His skills all came from his brain.


  • He uses the mutagen with the electricity to create Frankie's parents.
  • He had traveled into the Dimension X before.
  • Due from the time moves faster in Dimension X, the time was right with the time of 21st Century. That is mean the Kraang can still also send him back to the time of 1800s.
  • There is a reprogrammed Foot-Bot who has the same name as him living in New York.