Snake of called by the Turtles as Snakeweed is an enemy of the Turtles. 

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth {
Fifth Age
Sixth 30-40s


As Snake: Since only saw Snake as a human for a short time, not much is known about his personality. He was shown to be a mean and selfish person. He was employed by the Kraang to assist them in delivery of mutagen and kidnapping scientists for an as-yet unknown purpose. He was given a Kraang laser pistol and seems proficient in its use.

As Snakeweed: Snakeweed is enormous in size and strength. Though he is a plant, he has many insect-like traits such as antennae, pincers, and bulbous eyes. He can extend many long snakey tendrils that rapidly grow back if severed. He speaks in a high, hissing voice and is highly dangerous and aggressive. He is able to launch beads of tracking pheromones at prey to find them later. He is highly resistant to attack. He has survived being burned and being frozen by liquid nitrogen and completely shattered. Snakeweeds one true vulnerable spot is his heart which is visible from his chest. Striking his heart seems to be the most effective way to hurt or stun him.


He is one an ordinary human until exposed to the mutagen and turn into 12 ft. tall mutant plant-like creature.


Strength: He shown to be very strong that he able carry humans and the Turtles.

Regenerating healing: Snakeweed was electricified and burn his entire body later he shows his heart beating and heal his entrie body.