Spike/Slash is Raphael's former pet Turtle. 

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Spike is a cruel and kind of merciless to his enemies, but he also have a soft side for the humans, even though he has never encountered them.


He appears to be a bigger than the Turtles. His skin is a darker shade of teal, his eyes are a dark green, long nails, a back mask, and spikes all over his body.



The TurtlesEdit

At first he appears to be hate all of the Turtles (except for Raph), he tried to wipe all of them out, but failed. Later, after the event of the Kraang at the harbor, he's become an ally of the Turtles.


They both become deadly 'dynamic duo' after Newtralizer freed him from the Kraang in order to help him fight the Kraang. But after that, Newtralizer have no care in the humans, and they both got 'separated'.


He and Newtralizer become enemies after the Newtralizer has no care in humans. He's also hates the Kraang and wants to wipe out the entire race of Kraang. The Foot Clan are also appear to be enemies to him and his team.


After get mutated, he has super-strength and a Mace as a weapon. He's also have some Kraang Tech with him, such the teleporter.


  • In the episode Date, Love and Slash, he was a villain.
  • He hates the Kraang.
  • He doesn't understand what made Raph fall in love with Clawdeen.
  • He met Tiger Claw when the Kraang ruled New York.