Skelita Calaveras is a daughter of the Calacas/Skeletons. 

Skelita Calaveras
Skelita Calaveras
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Skelita is a lovely and friendly ghoul. Like Lagoona, that most of the time that she is very calm, level-headed and have a easygoing nature.


Skelita's body consists primarily of bones, though she has curled black hair with marigold streaks and brown eyes. Her face resembles a sugar skull and she has visible black vertical lines on her lips.


Her FamilyEdit

Her family supposedly consists of a mother, father, brother, grandmother and herself, all of them are skeletons. Her sketchbook also mentions she has an aunt named Catrina and at least one cousin, who had recently celebrated her Quincenscara.


Her best friends are Jinafire Long and Clawdeen Wolf.


She and Mikey have a crush on each other.


As a Calaca/Skeleton, she can rebuild herself when her body get destroyed and can pick a part of herself without being hurt and can put it back like Frankie did.


  • Her favorite subject is "Art Class".
  • She speaks with a Spanish accent and can also speak Spanish.
  • The necklace of her family was created before the Spanish conquest of Hexico.
  • Like Mikey, she loves cats.
  • She is the one of two who knew Jinafire's secret. The other one is Clawdeen.
  • She's jealous that Mikey got a crush on Shinigami too.
  • She never being a human, she was born as a skeleton.