Martin Miltin/Sir Malachi is a mutant sparrow wizard who is a friend of the Turtles.

Sir Malachi
Sir Malachi
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Fifth Age
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He loves to playing a game. Especially, the LARP.


Malachi is an anthropomorphic sparrow. He wears a medieval-style hood and tunic and carries a wand with and egg-shaped decoration on top.


His FamilyEdit

He had already abandoned his family because he is a mutant.


His best friends are Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey. Clawd, Jackson, Gil and Deuce are love to playing LARP with him. Make them his friends as well.


He don't have time for 'loving thing'.


Sir Malachi has the amazing ability to delve into his opponents minds, and bring about realistic illusions to convince them to play by his rules. How he gained this power through the mutation is a mystery, but it remains quite effective as long as someone believes.


  • His favorite subject is "Home Ick".
  • He loves playing LARP.
  • His hobby is feeding the birds, especially the sparrows.
  • Like the Turtles, he had disappear from the shcool after the Kraang invasion at New York.