Newtralizer is a member of alien-like newt called Salamandrian from Salamandria. 

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He is ruthless and cruel. He has no care of lives of the innocents if that must be the cost of payment to finish his job.


Newtralizer is a member of the species called Salamandrian. Like most of his kind, he has high intelligence, though not enough to speak English without assistance but enough to operate advanced weaponry. His weapons include lasers, missiles, sawblades, exploding mines, and he also has blades attached to his tail. The Newtralizer is capable of catching and constricting a foe with his tail. He apparently has a voracious appetite, as he was shown eating a Kraang alive and whole. He possesses incredible strength and speed. He is shown to be quite durable, with or without his armor, as he was able withstand attacks from numerous Kraang lasers, Leo's katana, and Raph's sais. Even after getting crushed by a falling car he still survived without any visible bruises, scratches or injuries of any kind. He can speak the English with the translator device.


The TurtlesEdit

It is still unknown why he hates the Turtles. Because he attacked both, the Kraang and them.


He had rescued Slash from the captured and team up with him to fight against the Kraang. But when Slash know that Newtralizer has no care in the lives of the innocents, he turns against him.


He has a lot of alien tech with himself like the laser guns, explosive mines, hacker device, teleporter, missiles, sawblades and he has a blade at his tail.


  • His catchphrase is "RAKA RAKA RAKA!"
  • He is an anti-hero.
  • The pattern on his chest resembles a skull.
  • After the whole incident with the Kraang Walker, it is still unknown of what happened to him.
  • Due to him live on land more than in water, he should be reptiliomorph; half reptile, half amphibian.
  • It's still unknown why he's hate the Turtles. It's even him who's attack them in the first place.
  • Like the Triceratons, he wanted to destroy the Kraang by doing whatever that necessary.