The Mushroom Men are a race of mutant blue mushroom that worked for Fungus Humungous.

Mushroom Men
Mushroom Men
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First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth {
Fifth Age
Sixth Unknown


Not known much about their personality but they all are loyal to their creator, Fungus Humungous.


They almost resemble the mushroom except are blue color.


The Mushroom Men, each one can roll itself into a ball and rolling around to go faster. They can jump very high (For the very short creatures)  and can spray 'fear' spore to the targets that they wanted.


  • For unknown reason, Frankie sees the one she accidentally found is cute.
  • Draculaura wants to eat them.
  • Venus and the other Monster Plants are the only ones who have the feeling that they are very sinister.