Lagoona Blue is a daughter of the Sea Monsters.

Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue
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Lagoona has a very friendly and laid-back personality, even her clothes reflect her easygoing nature. Most of the time, Lagoona is very calm and level-headed, but she is prone to strong emotions, especially when it comes to romance and friendship. She is almost never outright mean, but she is passionate about friendship, and will defend her friends fiercely. However, she is forgiving and won't stay mad for long, as it's just not her nature.

Lagoona is also an environmentalist; trash and pollution in the ocean anger her, and she shows sympathy to many aquatic elements, including fish, frogs and all water creatures.


Lagoona has pale blue scales that cover her entire body, as well as webbed hands and fins potruding from her lower arms and legs. She has curly blonde hair that's streaked blue due to the chlorine in the school's pool, as well as freckles that dot her face.


Her FamilyEdit

Lagoona's father, Wade Blue, "doesn't really live on land. For sure, he's got a little beach house where Lagoona Blue lives. It's got a killer dock that goes out over the water." According to her, her mother is an ocean nymph who "still lives in the same scary sweet little grotto as she did when dad met and married her. Being a nymph means that mom can leave the water and hang out on land as long as she doesn’t travel too far from her grotto otherwise she gets really weak". They both are living in Australia. Lagoona is currently live with her uncle and aunt in New Salem. She also has a sister named Kelpie and three little brothers back in Australia.


Her best friends are everyone who are friendly with her and her friends.


She and Gillington "Gil" Webber are falling in love with each other.


As a daughter of the Sea Monsters, she can breathing in underwater and swim with power of the super-speed and has the super strength.


  • Her favorite subject is "Oceanography".
  • She came from Australia.
  • She is the second ghoul who asks the Turtles who practice her to be a kunoichi.
  • She really hates it when someone calls her and Gil, "Sushi who can deliver itself/themselves".
  • She has a stage-fright.