Kraathatrogon is a race of non-sentient gigantic worm-like mammalians from the Dimension X.

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth {
Fifth Age
Sixth Many millennia


Not much known about them but the Kraang are using them to "miked" the mutagen and riding them like when the humans riding an elephant and a horse.


They had butt as baby-like face that they use to make the prey feel that it was harmless and when the prey smell or touch it, it will turn its head and eat its prey. Size of the adult Kraathatrogon is very huge that make it has no enemies, except the Rocktopus that are the natural predator.


  • They had baby-like face at their butts.
  • They have two weaknesses. First is salt and other is the baby-like face butts.
  • The adults are 100 ft. long
  • When they're in Dimension X, they can fly.
  • They are worm-like mammals.
  • They're the only known source of food of Rocktopus.