Kraang Prime was an Utrom scientist and the leader of the Kraang.

Kraang Prime
Kraang Prime
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Not much known about him, only know that he is ruthless and evil. Once a scientist of the Utroms, he possesed with a great intellect as well.


Kraang Prime resembles most others of his species, except that he is much larger; over 10 feet in diameter. He also has three hexagonal decorations on his forehead. When needed he can move about in his custom built robotic body. The body is a massive 25 foot mechanical weapon with long tentacle-like arms and a powerful energy weapon mounted at the head. It is much larger and more powerful than any other Kraang Droid. Kraang Prime can speak english without the aid of his mechanical body and is not as redundant in his speech as other Kraang are, though he does lapse into it at times.
Ultimate Kraang Droid

Droid Body of Kraang Prime


  • He is the first Kraang who perfected he mutagen.
  • For the Kraang, he is very good for speaking in english.
  • He has three gem-like items attached at his foreheads.
  • His droid body have only one eye instead of two.
  • Arms and legs of her droid body are tentacle-like arms and legs instead of arms and legs of human-like like the other Kraang Droids.
  • It is unknown that he can open his forehead after he grown large like the other Kraang or not.
  • He has shorter tentacles than the other Kraang.
  • Because of the mutagen that he perfected that made him in this condition.