Jinafire Long is a daughter of the Chinese Dragons.

Jinafire Long
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Jinafire is a strong-willed, fiery, brave, and fashion forward ghoul. She had a very hot temper, but she also appears to be very clever and patient when she is not directly affected by the situation, and focused on her work. Her specialty is metalworking because of her ability to breathe fire. She also has a competitive spirit.


Jinafire is a traditional eastern dragon with golden scales, green and black hair, and jade green eyes. She appears to be wearing a qipao dress with dragon patterns and high heels. She says in her profile that she likes to fire up traditional fashions with sharp cuts and fierce accessories.


Her FamilyEdit

She has father and seven older brothers who live in China.


Her best friends are Skelita Calaveras and Clawdeen Wolf.


Leo is in love with her. She also has developed a crush on him.


Being a Chinese Dragon, she has ability to breath elemental powers (Element of Jinafire is Fire), she also can transform herself into both humanoid and real form of herself that is a Giant Chinese Dragon. She also has a great swordmanship, possibly for defense becauseher puberty begin during the time of the Mongols occupation of China.


  • Her favorite subject is "Metal Shop".
  • Most of the time, she's spending herself into humanoid form.
  • Her breath element is Fire.
  • She have seven brothers live in China.
  • She keeps her Giant Chinese Dragon form as a secret from everyone for a 1000 years, except for Skeilta and Clawdeen, who are her best friends.
  • She has a fear that Leo won't love her if he knows what her real form is.
    • Due to her real form is so less attractive than her humanoid form.
  • Leo calls her "Hot Dragon-girl" (Similar to Raph's nickname for Clawdeen).
  • She knew about Ho Chan.
  • She not yet know that Leo's voice has been change.
  • She's born during the time in the Medieval China, likely during the rule of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.