Isi Dawndancer is daughter of the Deer Spirits. 

Isi Dawndancer
Isi Dawndancer
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Isi is a peaceful girl who simply adores dancing, so much she might breakout into a dance sequence any moment. An animal-loving and flirty girl, she is playful, yet wise when needed, and gives a big importance to her herd and its rituals.


She has brown skin with a big white spot on her face fading into her skin, straight blue hair, and a deer-like nose as well as ears and antlers. Her eyes are brown, and she has white freckles on her cheeks and forehead. She wears a dull-sepia colored headband and an orange necklace. She wears a red, long-sleeved shirt with Aztec designs and long, black pants with the same designs. She has teal ruffled shoes and her feet are also hooves.



She has her parents as the Deer Spirits. Additionally she also has a grandmother, who she states is very wise, but can get mad if someone ticks her off. Along with the rest of her family, her herd back in Boo Hexico is replet of friends she takes as friends.


Isi claims that her best friend is Twyla, who she met in Boo Hexico, when the latter failed a shadow jumping exercise of long distance. The two quickly become friends, as Twyla helps Isi out with her mysterious dreams. Additionally, she is also friend with Gilda Goldstag, another deer creature at Monster High, which is assumed to be their main friendship link. Back in her homeland, she also knows a deer creature she despises, Coyote, a trickster who has no sense of limits.


With her romantic aura, she has countless of crushes since she became teenager. Even that sometimes, she unintended to attract them in the first place. Eventually, it led to her flirty personality when she became teenager.

Abilities Edit

She has the romantic aura that can charming people who are male and can see the future vision. She also has a great dancing skills. But she can't transform herself into a deer yet.


  • She loves dancing, nature and her culture.
  • Her name as "Isi" means deer and is from language of the Choctaw Indians.
  • Like Skelita, she can speak Spanish.