Heath Burns is a fire elemental and a student at Monster High. His head bursts into flames when he gets excited. His cousin is Holt Hyde/Jackson Jekyll.

Heath Burns
Heath Burns
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Heath is very flirtatious with the girls, extremely childish, and very easy led. His actions vary wildly depending on who he's with, for example under the positive influence of Ghoulia he worked for the greater good and helped repair Rochelle's family car but when being led by Manny, he behaves antagonistic and rude towards whoever Manny is targeting.


His appearance is similar to humans except that he can use fire powers to make his hair go burn.



Heath is the cousin of Jackson Jekyll and his alter ego Holt Hyde. The exact way the two~three are related is fuzzy.


Heath has a large social circle, but few people he can always turn to due to his impulsive and at times obnoxious behavior. He generally hangs out with the other boys he is on the track team or safety team with, which are Clawd Wolf, Deuce Gorgon, Manny Taur, and Slo Mo. Additionally, Heath gets reasonably along with Gil and Hoodude Voodoo, although the latter also is one of his easier bullying targets. Occasionally, he hangs out with the girls, of whom he best interacts with Ghoulia. Mieky and Raph also nicknamed him Phosphorus Man/Phosphorus Dude.


Heath Burns is a humongous flirt and on top of that convinced that he is hot in more than the literal sense. He is not necessarily wrong in that, as his looks do garner attention, but it's his general pushy, loud, and insensitive attitude that works like a repellent to most girls. This isn't to say Heath is insensitive and ignorant of manners, but it is rare for him to show the side that does not turn off people.


As fire elemental being, he can use fire powers.


  • His favorite subject is "Physical Deaducation".
  • Mikey and Raph nicknamed him "Phosphorus Man/Dude".
  • He burns a lot of things that he touched.
  • All of ghouls in Monster High, his most interest is Abbey.
  • He quite likes his nicknames as "Phosphorus Man/Dude".
  • He dislikes the water.