Ghoulia Yelps is a daughter of the Zombies.

Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps
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Ghoulia is depicted as intelligent, sophisticated, timid, stressed out, and shy. She's a huge bookworm and is very intellectual; all of her fellow students call her the smartest ghoul at Monster High. It is revealed that she is good friends with Cleo de Nile because Cleo was willing to give her a chance, when zombies are typically discriminated against. Ghoulia can be unhappy with Cleo often though.


She has light blue hair and pale gray skin. Her appearance is very studious and she wears cat-eye, horn-rimmed "nerd" glasses. Because of her zombie heritage she has trouble with facial expressions and tends to slouch and stand in awkward positions. Her eyelids also blink one at a time, rather than at the same time. Because of her physical limitations, she can only speak in "Zombie" (moaning and groaning), but all of her friends have learned the language so that they can converse with her.


Her FamilyEdit

Ghoulia lives with her parents, who are both zombies; it's not stated what their house looks like. Like Ghoulia, they're pretty slow, and they tend to be pretty hard-nosed, as per their refusal to allow Ghoulia to go to her favorite comic convention. The both of them work for the Department of Monster Vehicles. Ghoulia has an older sister name Moan'ica.


Her best friend is Cleo de Nile. Donnie is a good friend with her.


She and Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch are in love with each other.


Being daughter of the Zombies, she has the ability of super strength and she is the smartest ghoul in Monster High.


  • She likes every class in Monster High.
  • She and Donnie are the best "nerd" team.
  • She really loves the inventions that Donnie made, especially Metalhead.