Frankie Stein is daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride.

Frankie Stein
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Sixth 15, days that is.


Frankie is friendly, sweet, and polite with a clumsy streak. She is the most naive of all the girls; being so young, so she tries to learn all she can about the world through monster teen magazines, although their advice often cause awkward moments for her.

Despite setbacks, she remains upbeat, hopeful and determined to find her place within Monster High. Frankie can also be insecure and react too quickly, such as instantly labeling Abbey Bominable as rude, and accusing one of her friends of being the Ghostly Gossip.


Despite being only a few days old, Frankie's physical age is that of a fully-grown girl in her late teens. Also, despite been a monster made up of parts from different people, she has been created with a well-balanced, attractive body, unlike her father.


Her FamilyEdit

Frankie lives with both of her parents, named Viveka and Viktor Stein, in "a house that looks like a cross between a Swiss chalet and a research lab" in the monster side of New Salem in the United States of America. Her parents moved there from, presumably, Germany many years before her creation. Both her parents are multi-disciplinary scientists and college professors, though her mother is not as obsessed over science as her father. Because the Steins waited for over a century before they considered themselves capable of giving a child a steady home, despite their strong wish for one, they dote on Frankie and do everything they can to keep her happy and safe.


Her best friends are Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura.


She has a crush on Neighthan Rot.


Being the daughter of the Frankenstein's monster, she got powers of super-strength, pick the parts of herself without being hurt and use the electricity to shocking people.


  • Her favorite subject is "History".
  • She likes Mikey's catchphrase: Booyakasha!
  • For unknown reason, she sees that the Mushroom Men are cute.
  • Like the Turtles, her favorite foods are everything that are pizza related or pizza with different toppings.