Chris Bradford/Rahzar is a ninja warrior who got mutated. He is the secondary antagonist of the series.

Chris Bardford/Rahzar
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Bradford (Rahzar) is shown to be selfish, self-centered, arrogant, and manipulative. He cares only for two things; himself, and impressing Shredder. He refused to work with Xever, because he was poor, meaning Bradford has little respect for anyone who lives a lower status than he does. This also shows when he reveals his true colors to Mikey.

As Dogpound is very determined, always looking for ways to make his master proud and defeat the Turtles.

As Rahzar, he is a deadly bloodthirsty beast who is a force to be reckoned with.


As Chris BradfordEdit

He is a muscular man in age of 30s and has blue eyes, light skin, and and brown hair with bread.

As DogpoundEdit

He has strong bony spikes protruding form is spine, left shoulder, and left knuckles. He uses these spikes in battle and they seem strong enough to resist katana blades. His left arm is disproportionately large, adding power to his claw strikes. His right hand is completely encrusted in the same material as his spikes and can be used to block attacks. He possesses superior canine hearing and smell. Though he is monstrously powerful, Dogpound is heavy and slow and doesn't think very fast. This is his weak point. He has lost much of his former speed and precision due to his new hulking frame. He has canine loyalty to Shredder and follows him meekly and obediently.

As RahzarEdit

After mutated into Rahzar, he had a feeling that he have his old abilities like when he was a ninja back or even more powerful. He got thinner body that some part of his skeleton is come out from his body and very sharp fangs that can bite so hard. Like when he as Dogpound, he is always do as what Shredder said.


He was once a skilled ninja warrior, but then become the monstrous mutant dog and have no more abilities of ninjas to use because of his appearance. But when he mutated into Rahzar, he got both abilities of a ninja and mutant abilities.


  • His human appearance look resembles to Chuck Norris.
  • As Rahzar, his looks almost resemble the Squirrelanoids.
  • He doesn't have any respect in the one who are lower than him.