Catty Noir is a werecat that is world-famous popstar.

Catty Noir
Catty Noir
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There are three words that get to the core of who Catty is: superstitious, driven, and grateful. Ever since she was just a little ghoul, Catty has put all her effort into both perfecting her voice and making a name for herself. With the exception of the support her family gave her, she is 1000% self-made. And yet, she is humble about her accomplishments, because she is aware that in the end all her efforts would have been for nothing if not for the fans who embraced her. She's also quick to give credit to the management and touring crew that arrange everything for her so she only has to worry about singing reading fanmail. Catty is a very superstitious person, which is a fact she is aware of herself and readily admits. Much of this is expressed through ritualistic behavior. She always has a piece of a broken mirror with her on stage, always enters the stage left and after having walked under the stage ladder first, always leaves the stage right and then walks under the stage ladder there, and her pre-concert meal also is always the same: thirteen items, of which seven chicken nuggets, five apple slices, and one strawberry shake.


Catty is a black werecat with long, pink hair and pink eyes. In her own words, she loves "big, flashy, larger than unlife outfits because they are ghoulishly glitzy, creeporifically cool and fangsolutely fun!"



Not much known about her parents except that they are werecats.


Her first two friends are Casta Fierce and Elissabat. She's also a good firend with Viperine Gorgon. When she's become a student of Monster High , she's got Operetta, Holt Hyde, Insivi Billy and Twyla as her friends.


She has a few crushes in her life but none lead to love until she met Seth Ptolemy.


Althought she never uses them, she has her claws and speed on her side. Her talents mainly come from singing and dancing.


  • She discovered her passion and talent at young age.
  • Like Draculaura, she's sort of having a likeness in the pink color.