Casey Jones is a human friend of the turtles. He is also serves as the personal horse driver of both the Chipmunks and the Chipettes.

Casey Jones
Casey Jones
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He is a hot-head like Raph, but smart enough invent some cool stuff, like shocking gloves and explosive spray cans.


Casey, in this iteration, is a teenage boy with a slender build, dark, long hair and brown eyes. He wears a black shirt, jeans, a black bandana, and fingerless gloves. He is missing three of his front upper teeth.

When in his crime fighting suit, he has a hockey mask, and underneath it, his painted face that resembles a skull. He has body padding everywhere and he carries a hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and other sport sticks. Hidden in his glove, Casey also has a built-in taser to shock his opponents. His shoes are also specially designed to change between sneakers and roller skates, making sure he is ready for any battleground.


His FamilyEdit

He lives with his father and little sister.


His best friend is Raphael.


He has a crush of April.


His enemies are Shredder and the Foot Clan, the Kraang and the other evil mutants.


As a Human, he has no powers, but he is smart enough to invent stuffs like shocking gloves and explosive spray cans. He's also a good hockey player.


  • His favorite subject is "Hockey".
  • He and Donnie are compete with each other to get April.
  • Instead of saying "Booyakasha!", his catchphrase is "Goongala".
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Purple Dragons Must Pay, he was eventually feels saddened after the four turtles has been turned into a horses by the Chipmunks, but he become cheerful again when he agreed to take the Chipmunks and the Chipettes to the Los Angeles Chinatown.