Baxter Stockman is once a human and now a mutated Man-Fly. He is an enemy of the Turtles. 

Baxter Stockman
Baxter Stockman
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As Baxter Stockman: Stockman has been pushed around and put down for his entire life. His classmates at school when he was a boy, and his co-workers as an adult - they have all verbally abused him. When the turtles threw him in a dumpster, he confessed to them that they weren't the first to do this to him. He was fired from his job at T.C.R.I. for simply breaking a printer, though it apparently wasn't his fault. He decided to make a suit of power armor and have his vengeance. He is highly strung and gets offended rather easily. He views himself as a comic-book style super-villain and tries way too hard to appear more evil and dangerous than he usually is. He often speaks in a low, gravelly tone, though his voice is naturally higher. He occasionally uses more words than necessary in an overly dramatic, "evil" way. He is so completely non-threatening that the Turtles forget his name half the time. In "Mousers Attack!", both Raph and Leo called him "Dexter Spackman".

As Stockman-Fly: Baxter becomes a mutated fly. He is far more evil and animal like, though still possesses his scientific mind and Shredder still finds value in this. He is far more aggressive. He is also stronger; He could even take down some robot foot soldiers.


He was once a genius African-American man but then Shredder mutated him as a punishment after he failed him so many times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As A Human he was pure genius at Electronics and Mechanics. He also seems to have some skills at Genetics as he planed to create a Mutant Army

As A Mutant Fly, he retains his vast intelligence and also gained the powers like flight that he can fly fast enough to keep up with the Shellraiser and helicopter. He can hear people talking from far away. He can also spit Acid and Crawl on flat surfaces. He is strong enough to take on the Turtles and Casey. He also have walk climbing. Also shown to have stealth as he was able to use his speed on the ground to sneak behind the Foot Ninja Robot.


  • Rahzar said that he believed Baxter will become a lowly bug, and it turns out that his predictions were correct.
  • Fishface thinks Shredder is uglier than Stockman in his fly form.
  • He barfs yellow or orange acid on all his food before he eats it up.
  • He buzzes like a fly a lot when he says some things. (Especially, words that start with S.)